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WWII Weekend Warrior Package (WWII Allies & Axis Package + All Inclusive Lodging)

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WWII Weekend Warrior Package (WWII Allies & Axis Package + All Inclusive Lodging)
Included: Chef Prepared Meals, Personal Guide, Two Night All Inclusive Stay for Two Guests, Free Ranch Activities, Safari, Giraffe Feeding, and more.

WW2 Allies & Axis
- This adventure includes:
- Drive our Cobra King Sherman Tank, then shoot 1 round from our Easy Eight Sherman. This also includes 40 rounds from our M2 .50 (caliber) BMG mounted on top of our Easy Eight
- Drive on our modified tank course & Shoot (1 round) from our T-34, along with 20 rounds from the DT Machine Gun 3
- Drive our modified course with our German ½ Track.
- Shoot the Pak 40 and Pak-113 (However the Pak 40 is currently down for maintenance, guest can pick something else to shoot in its place.)
- 105 Howitzer – Shoot 1 round
- MG-43 Machine Gun – 20 rounds
- Mp-40 German Sub Machine Gun – 20 Rounds
- STG-44. (20 Rounds)
- M98 Bolt Action Rifle (8 rounds)
- U.S. M1 Grand (8 Rounds)
- PPSH-41 Russian Sub Machine Gun. (20 rounds)
- MOSIN-NAGANT Bolt Action (5 Rounds)

All inclusive lodging (package for 2 guests) includes the following:
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner prepared by the ranch’s award winning chef
Use of Ranch Amenities, including the Hunting Lodge, Lakes, Pools & Hot Tub
All Inclusive alcoholic beverages, Complimentary stock beverage fridge/mini bar
Barrett .50 Cal Shooting (Two shots per person)
Skeet Shooting (one box of shells per person) ?? HOW MANY
A Personal Guide will escort you to all of your desired activities
- Fish in our stocked lakes
- 4-Wheeler tour of the property
- Cave Exploration
- Giraffe Feeding
- Safari ranch tour
- Hiking
- Tour and viewing of actual Dinosaur tracks located on Ox Ranch
- Exclusive access to the facility and Patton Lounge during operating hours.

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