WWII Weekend Warrior Package (WWII Allies & Axis Package + All Inclusive Lodging)

War Birds

Fly back seat in a P40 War Hawk or a P51 Mustang or even a B25 Liberator.

Heston Rifle

Same rifle Charlton Heston used in his infamous speech and sign by Charlton Heston himself!

Big Game Hunt

One orTwo day Adventure. Because all hunters have a preference or choice of what they prefer to hunt,

The White Feather (Coming 1 May 2022)

GYSGT. Carlos Hathcock “White Feather” A purpose-built Winchester Model 70 that replicated the Rifle that made the Gunny a Legend. Built by Sgt. Richard Cabral founder and Executive Director of Honoring American Veterans. Also included, a collection of letters, Christmas cards, and His Hard Bound book 93 Confirmed kills autographed by Gunny and his wife Jo Hathcock cock. Rifle Specs .30-06 1×10 twist Heavy Barrel, Walnut Stock, GYSGT. Carlos Hatchcock Leather sling, and One of Very Few RARE UNERTL USMC 8X SNIPER SCOPE..