Our Mission & Vision

While there are thousands of organizations to donate your hard-earned taxed dollars however Honoring American Veterans was formed specifically to benefit suicidal and homeless veterans.  

Each and every day on average, 20 veterans are committing suicide.  According to …

Many of them suffer from PTSD, isolation, inability to hold down jobs, problematic relationships, financial struggles, combat guilt, and more.  While most of us rest and sleep in our homes, every night all across America, thousands of homeless vets (men and women) find themselves sleeping in cars, under bridges, in tunnels, on sidewalks, makeshift shelters, and on the streets.

 These men and women who served our nation and our communities, have struggled tremendously with many of the same difficulties as their suicidal counterparts.  Honoring American Veterans believes every suicidal and homeless veteran deserves more.

More assistance, more respect, more care, more love, and a well-deserved hand-up during their darkest hours.
We intent on changing this problem for the benefit of all American Veterans nationwide. Join us today or donate to our cause.