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Did you ever dream about flying in a WWII fighter aircraft like a P51 Mustang or a P40 Warhawk.  Ever imagine serving as a door gunner on a Huey Chopper, or want to drive and fire the main gun in a WWII Sherman, Patton, or Panzar tank?  Can you see yourself as a combat engineer or sniper?  These are only some of the unique experiences that you could draw upon.

Your donation of $10, $20, $100 or more at our website will help change the hearts, minds, and lives of suicidal and homeless veterans and provide you with a chance to experience a unique military action in a professionally guided and safe environment.

Thank you for your consideration in donating to Honoring American Veterans and helping those who fought to keep us safe and free.


Mission Statement

Why should I consider making a donation to Honoring American Veterans?

While there are thousands of organizations to donate your hard-earned taxed dollars, Honoring American Veterans was formed specifically to benefit suicidal and homeless veterans.  Each and everyday on average, 20 veterans are committing suicide.  Many of them suffer from PTSD, isolation, inability to hold down jobs, problematic relationships, financial struggles, combat guilt, and more.  While most of us rest and sleep in our homes, every night all across America, thousands of homeless vets (men and women) find themselves sleeping in cars, under bridges, in tunnels, on sidewalks, makeshift shelters, and on the streets.  These men and women who served our nation and our communities, have struggled tremendously with many of the same difficulties as their suicidal counterparts.  Honoring American Veterans believes every suicidal and homeless veteran deserves more.  More assistance, more respect, more care, more love, and a well deserved hand-up during their darkest hours.

Honoring American Veterans inc. is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Nevada. The organization is actively seeking 501(c)(3) status and any donations made will be retroactively tax exempt back to the organization’s date of incorporation, 4/1/2019.